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Cathedral Echoes by Nude Beach

Album Description

Host: Reed Dunlea
Engineer: Juan Aboites
Brooklyn pop punk rock n roll party heroes Nude Beach blast out a ripping set for your aural pleasure. Like if you mixed the Jam, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, but made them a punk band headlining shows every other week at Death By Audio. Members of Chain Wallet, Guadalupe,
Religious Knives, Pretty Wild, The Fish, Punks on Mars, and too many other bands. This is a not to be missed set for the die-hards and nubes alike, drawing heavily on their brand new album "Nude Beach II" out on Nude Beach Records. This band is the soundtrack to the last Saturday night of the end of the world (January 15, 2012 if you're keeping track). Where will you be partying? - DJ Deed



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