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HIGH/LOW - Mould by Norwegian Blue Records

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Let's face it: 2016 has sucked. Natural disasters, heat waves, the Zika Virus, Olympic Scandals, The Muppets returned (and were cancelled) Our favorite celebrities (Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Abe Vigoda!!!) all went to the great beyond. Here at NBR we watched a few of our favorite bands (HIGH/LOW, betterhalf, the
Ruby Plumes) head off to the great beyond too. We also released some of our favorite music on tape and have an actual record in the works for 2017. We want to give back to you guys for all your support through this wet-dog-in-a-hot-garbage-fire of a year. Included are four tracks from the albums we put out by SPARKLE BLOOD, HIGH/LOW, Ryland Moranz and betterhalf. PLUS we're giving you the first listen to our new friends Saint Clare AND a bonus unreleased track from Cope. SCORE! This six track sampler is an indicator of where we've been and where we're going. Here's to 2017.



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