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A specific project of NoLogicDuo is the elaboration of Mozart's Fantasia KV 475 in C minor, renamed Fantasia for 4 hands and 1 mouse. The project started in autumn 2008 and was presented as a preview during the event Mozart Nacht und Tag in january 2009 at Baretti Theatre in
Turin, aside the performance of the original Mozart's Fantasy by the well-known pianist Achille Lampo.   NoLogic also works with contemporary music composers who have written music expressly for the duo. Gilberto Bosco wrote Esercizi e preludio (con Scott J.) which takes inspiration from Scott Joplin's Study for Piano. Giuseppe Gavazza adapted his Natura morta con specchio for the peculiarity of NoLogicDuo. Another composer who is currently writing music for the duo is Armando Prioglio. The musical material used by the duo derives from classical music as well as from jazz and contemporary music. Both acoustic sounds and their real-time elaboration with digital means are used. The electronic sounds are not simply a widening of the musical possibilities of the piano, rather they become a musical element which strongly influences the music, thus creating a counterpoint with the piano itself. The goal is to be free to play any type of music and, at the same time, to create solid and convincing compositions.