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Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier - ... et retrouvé en fôret
Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier - ... et retrouvé en fôret
"... et retrouvé en fôret" is the direct successor to "objet abandonné en mer". The principal idea is the same: Nicolas and Simon get together, improvise, talk, record, refine, re-improvise, and so on. Next to Simon Trottier's imaginative and unworldly melodies, field-recordings play a huge role. Just like "objet", "fôret"
is a highly emotional project, with strong connections to the Quebecois countryside. All is sewn to quicksilver beauty by Nicolas Bernier. His big talent is contextualisation - underneath wistful and strangely remote melodies, Nicolas mixes field-recordings, subtle synthesizers and certain percussion elements. Bernier mirrors Trottier like a feedback. Eventually, and this is the biggest strength of "... et retrouvé en fôret", improvisations and drones become songs again. Indeed one of our best and most important releases. - 12rec.