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 Nheap (3 Albums, 28 Tracks)


LOCATION:Assisi, Italy
  • Massimo Discepoli
Drummer and multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and teacher, since many years Massimo Discepoli works in the most different areas of music. He began his artistic career studying and participating in workshops with leading international masters, also attending the Berklee Schools clinics at Umbria Jazz 2004, receiving compliments by Giovanni Tommaso. Among
the most important projects that see him involved in that period should be noted the trio Vibrham, active between 2004 and 2006, that allowed him to create an original fusion of jazz, funk and drum 'n' bass. With the trio he realizes the self-titled album in 2006 (which also contains his own compositions), as well as taking part in an intense concert activity. At the same time he began to study piano, bass and guitar, and also approaching electronic music; here he got the idea to start making his own music, which became reality with the creation of the Nheap project. Under this pseudonym he composes and plays a distinctive fusion of ambient, jazz, post-rock and electronics. At this day there are five albums released by this name, all welcomed very positively by the public and critics alike: they are reviewed by dozens of websites and magazines (which include All About Jazz and Musica Jazz), and were often included in the rankings of the best albums released in the respective years; many songs are licensed to various companies (Samsung, MTV, CNN, Black Box, Picture Shack, Red Bull Media House, Gizmodo and many more) for short films, documentaries and commercials. In 2009 he founds the creative music label Acustronica, through which distributes and promotes, in addition to its own work, the ones by other artists from all around of the world. Among the other projects in which he takes part, should be highlighted the experimental duo Nunun, the trio LED (which creates improvised soundtracks for classic silent film), Nheap XP (more aimed at “club” electronic music), as well as many other formations ranging from jazz to rock. He also collaborates on albums released by other record labels, such as Setola di Maiale and Floating Forest; Discepoli's works are featured in many compilations, including "Unexplained Sounds Group - the first annual report", with the presence of artists such as Steve Reich and Morton Subotnick. In 2014 he founds a new label, DOF, specializing in electro-acoustic and experimental music, and for which, in the same year, he released the first disc under his real name, entitled "Parallax". The album got an immediate positive response from critics, with reviews, interviews and radio broadcasting from very important magazines and radio programs such as Drum Club, Battiti, Blow Up, The Sound Projector and many more. In 2016 he releases the album "An Eclipse Of Images" (Acustronica) with U.S.A. double bassist Daniel Barbiero (Gino Robair, Andrea Centazzo, Greg Osby). In addition to that, since 2003, he regularly teaches drums in various structures both public and private, as well as in his personal studio. Major italians drums magazines have featured Discepoli and his music with interviews and reviews.

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Clouds Under the Table
01. Nheap - Gradients 00:04:56
02. Nheap - 5 March 00:06:02
06. Nheap - Sands 00:06:56
07. Nheap - Crossings 00:05:19
08. Nheap - Rides 00:06:12


01. Nheap - ab 00:07:40
02. Nheap - hldrrr 00:07:16
03. Nheap - The big D 00:05:10
04. Nheap - Translucent 00:04:25
06. Nheap - Aphelion 00:04:06
07. Nheap - Panthalassa 00:08:42
09. Nheap - Gone 00:05:55
10. Nheap - ad (Moher) 00:03:15
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