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Kukita (Electro remix) by Neztic + Vate

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Back Cover
Back Cover
Producer: Vate
Engineer: Vate
Cachonda and Cachonda (Foreplay), altogether with Diablo and Por debajo del Agua were done originally for the videohome Cumbia cachonda from director Christian González. Kukita is an original track from Manuel Neztic. Patria / Extranjero and Stravinsky appear in their original version in the album Volk. “Cachonda” means horny and/or sexy in Mexico. “Here is another excellent album of Nortec electronica from Mexican sound artist Vate. I understand Vate is currently living in Barcelona. It may be my imagination but I could swear I’m hearing a little European and Spanish influences leaking into his electronic compositions. What is clear is
that he still makes highly listenable state-of-the-art music. Cachonda is his newest release and the tracks, both originals and remixes, are more developed and reveals a highly individualized style. “Diablo” is an especially nice work, being very atmospheric and distinctive. “Extranjero (Sin patria)” is snappy and dancable. Most of these track falls firmly into Nortec but Stravinsky (Variaciones)” hints of that turn to European influences I mentioned. All in all, Vate has become one of my favorite independent artists in this particular genre.” Free albums Galore



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