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  • Zach Math and Steve Science

From the fallout of the once prolific IC death surf band Naked Hassellhoff, a pop rock duo of sweet sugary madness emerged. Nerd's Curve is everything that everyone else was to afraid to do at the time, an outlet for all the young energy that is the essence of good rock and roll. A+ is the culmination of everything Zach Math and Steve Science have learned about being young, dumb and in love. Get ready to party like you used to do in your teens. Bitch.

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NartraRadioRoma on 03/28/11 at 09:29AM

Playlist NartraradioRoma vs Public School Records:
01_The Rhombus - vanya
02_Miracles of God - red hands
03_Lipstick Homicide - in control
04_Lipstick Homicide - the one for me
05_Everybody Nose - don't wanna go to bed
06_Everybody Nose - suck my nut
07_Grism - 2 long 2 late
08_Nerd's Curve - I'm in love
09_Nerd's Curve - I guy
10_Naked Hassellhoff - leapin deemin
11_Naked Hassellhoff - spankin the ass of the USA
12_Peti Mal - off the grid
13_Warmheads - gospel vain
14_Spitball - hmmm... brilliant
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