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Chicken and Cheese 2 (Foot Village cover) by Narwhalz (of sound)

Album Description

Foot Village's Anti-Magic Friends cover art
Foot Village's Anti-Magic Friends cover art
For the finale of our upcoming album, Anti-Magic (out June ‘09 on Upset the Rhythm), Foot Village invited our friends and fans to record a cover of “Chicken & Cheese 2.” These covers were then edited into “It’s A Small World” style collages where the song is passed from band
to band every few measures. The response was so great that the vinyl and cd versions will be completely different. On this page is a library of the unedited contributions. Please listen, download, share, and enjoy. All the bands made such wonderful versions of that we wanted to share them in their entirety. For those just finding out about this project, we invite you to record your own version. The cassette and digital versions of the collage have not been edited yet and we can still use more material for them! There is a bookbox-recorded version of Foot Village playing “Chicken & Cheese 2″ our original way. Please send submissions to Thank you and enjoy!!! -Foot Village April 15th 2009 via



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