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Messages From Water Pt. 1 & 2 by My Moon Boots

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Album Description

Welcome to The Lazy Susan! Now, you might be thinking, who is this susan and why is she so lazy? Actually, we mean the lazy susan like the lazy susan in your kitchen. Or your parents' kitchen. Or your aunt and uncle's kitchen in Indiana or Delaware or wherever they're
living now ...The Lazy Susan was born in February 2007, when vosotros assembled a band to record one song and launch our year-long residency in downtown Los Angeles. Each month during the next year, we assembled a new band to record another song and play another month of the residency. We called it the lazy susan because like an actual lazy susan, each band rotated into a radically and stylistically different sound from the one before.Twelve months later, vosotros presents: the lazy susan - an album featuring thirty-two musicians on twelve songs. Ranging from some familiar sounds to the experimental, vosotros has created a musical schmorgasboard fit for your kitchen. Or wherever you'd like to listen.



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Charles Altura - guitars   Gene Coye - drums   Tigran Hamasyan - piano   Nat McIntosh - sousaphone   Gabe Noel - bass / cello / pump organ   Jessica Vautor - vocals   Ben Wendel - bassoon
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