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Released:June 11th, 2012

Label Sampler #11 - June 2012


Announced on 11/11/11, our eleventh sampler is now complete. The compilation process started the day we released #10 and ended just a few hours ago. This is a very large sampler, we never had 21 tracks before: #11 gathers our largest collection of previously unreleased material. We are also very proud to bring a lot of new bands into the Dead Bees family. Most of them are young and new acts, we hope you'll dig them!


This music is to be shared under the terms of a Creative Commons license. Spread this record, make copies of it, and give them away.

We will also post it onto various websites, file sharing portals, and non-profit free music, such as or and more...


Our new track providers include: THE ROCKANDYS (Grenoble, Fr / Berlin, Ge), CHATHAM RISE (Minneapolis, Mn), PIATCIONS (Domodossola, It), ALTAïR (Toulouse, Fr), JONATHAN MONO (Philadelphia, Pa), THE DESERTEURS (Toulouse, Fr), BURIAL AT SEA (Los Angeles, Ca), ALONE WITH EVERYBODY (Toulouse, Fr), DIE! DIE! MY DARLING! (Toulouse, Fr), MARIA GHANIMA (Toulouse/Auch, Fr), SEVENTEEN AT THIS TIME (Paris, Fr), MY IMAGINARY LOVES (Toulouse, Fr), THE DOVE & THE WOLF (Paris, Fr), THE SILVER CHORDS (Los Angeles, Ca), VIBRAGUN (Seattle, Wa), DEAD HORSE ONE (Hossegor, Fr).


Most of these artists' records are or will be available from our mail-order.

Visit for latest release news, shopping, MP3s and feedback.


15. If Only (03:32)

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