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Tuo Viestin by Muuttuvat Kasvot

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This Muuttuvat Kasvot CDr was originally released as a small print for Uton tour summer 2006 in Scotland, England, Netherlands, Belgium and France. It's a compilation of different projects by J. Koho, solo recordings, duo or even trio recordings from few years back to the day of first releasing date.
Second edition of this release was made by Ikuisuus, 2007 (IS-010). Totally they sold almost 200 copies, but it was never wrote down anywhere, so we can't exactly now how many copies was made.4 track recordings, forest folk drones & small rhythms, navigating from the tiny bushes of earth to sometimes even higher grounds of space atmospheres, still having the own unique sound. Really essential, and too good to be just forgotten as a limited edition. Taste this, dive inside the moment and see!



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