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Art Of Heartwork [LCLCB03]

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[LCLCB03] Moolen. - Art of Heartwork
[LCLCB03] Moolen. - Art of Heartwork
Producer: Moolen
Check the release page on LCL Netlabel website !"For this new "Carte Blanche" from LCL netlabel, Moritz Beller aka Moolen take us by the hand for an emotional journey thru post-rock and electronica landscapes that seems at the same time odd and familiar. The master of both multiple instruments and sound production by this artist allows him to deliver an ambitious yet intimist mini LP, briding ambient fields and saturated episodes. "LCL - april 2010 "Art of heartwork" was inspired by all the things i've heard, felt and listened to from 2008 - 2010.It`s like you're on a journey. You're
driving through a rough urban agglomeration by night, twisted sounds stretching upwards into the air, the flashing light of a street-lamp, the quiescence while you're driving on a country road. The laid-back atmosphere collides with distorted driving guitars - it all ends up in blaring shouts: "for us, for them, for you! 'cause we are for us, for them, for you"Moolen. - april 2010LCL netlabel on FacebookLCL netlabel on Twitter



Art Of Heartwork [LCLCB03]
01. Moolen - nineteen 00:04:03
02. Moolen - dreamshard 00:01:30
03. Moolen - fly pt.2 00:02:31
04. Moolen - fly pt.1 00:03:16
05. Moolen - brokentopflow 00:03:53
06. Moolen - nineteen 00:02:43
07. Moolen - dreamshard 00:06:58
UPLOADED: 04/26/2010

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