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Quasi-Stable state by Monopole

Album Description

Released:October 9th, 2007


Two years ago Monopole (A.K.A. Richard Sudney) began creating electronic music in his basement where he lives, in a suburb of Detroit, MI. This self taught visual artist and electronics guru makes his compilations out of field recordings that he took while roaming around empty factories and abandoned buildings around the city of Detroit.


Inside his basement surrounded by various old analog electronics and antique vacuum tube communications equipment, Monopole dabbles around with manipulating micro samples by ways of using home build audio processors and freely accessible computer programs.


As a person that has grown up in such of a prolific electronics music city, you would think that he is very heavily influenced by that music scene, well think again. Monopole's influences range from 1920's and 30's big band jazz to orchestral music. Although he is no stranger to electronics music styles such as minimal, ambient and Detroit techno.


Huddled in his dark basement, Monopole will remain. Figuring out new ways to normal every day sounds into abnormal wonderful sounds.


Reviews are already in: "Wirklich ein Release, dass ich so gar nicht erwartet hätte. Nich nur weil Detroit hier eher als Stil fällt, sondern auch weil die EP auf Happy Puppy Records so ungewöhnlich zwischen den Genres steht. Definitiv eine Überraschung." [DE:BUG pod]


Googley translated it means: "Really a release that I simply could not have anticipated. Not only because Detroit here falls rather than style, but also because the EP Happy Puppy Records so unusual among genres. Definitely a surprise."


I think that's good.




Quasi-Stable state

Quasi-Stable state by Monopole is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.
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