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De Corporis Humani Fabrica by Mister Drey

Album Description

This album was born from the combination of 2 factors: another long period of isolation and the purchase of an electric guitar, which I had wanted since teenagehood. It was born naturally in a couple of months, and it is my first attempt into doing something which could resemble composing. I am glad of the result, a strange feeling for me, but I cannot but realize how the things I record end up so different from what I actually listen to, but this may be not that surprising afterall.I will dedicate this album to the passing of time..."Observe this desert,
its ruins,Its shredded columns, its now empty pavillions.Once a throne shined within it, and every place issued beauty.Great kingdoms have lived here and hour or two, but all vanished in nothing".(‘Omar Khayyam , “Quartine”)



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