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Rose of Los Angeles by Michael Gira

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MARCH/04…Well, I've done did it. I am pleased to announce that I've finished another solo CD. It was recorded for the most part here in my office over the last several months while in the process of writing new songs, using an Audio Technica stereo microphone (directly recorded to DAT), my guitar and voice. That's it. No overdubs, nothing, just the performance. It took a lot of trial end error to find the right mic. placement – picking up a decent relation between the voice/guitar – but finally found it. I then took the recordings to Micro Moose Studios in
Brooklyn , where engineer Doug Henderson “analoged” them and warmed them up in general. I think it sounds really good, and the few friends that have heard the CD at the time of this writing are enthused, so there you go. These songs are mostly new songs (see descriptions below), and at some point soon I'll be recording them for Angels of Light. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these versions. They're “raw” and “pure” I suppose, in that they haven't yet been subjected to my usual excessive “production values” or obsessive second- guessing! (via Young God Records, read on here)



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ROSE OF LOS ANGELES : This was recorded right as I wrote the song, in 2001, I think. It later went through a great many changes in form and arrangement, from various live band versions to the final recorded version on Angels of Light - Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home (even that version was rerecorded and further transformed during those sessions). Of all of them, I now like this version the best. Oh well, no going back…
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