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Como Yo Lloro Por Ti by Maya Solovéy

Album Description

Released:September 15th, 2011

On her self titled debut album, I:II, Maya has merged the acoustic/folk songwriting tradition into the territories of pop, bossa nova, and even the high drama of cinematic scoring. Her music is a surprising, yet rational marriage between all these cultures--she sings in Portuguese, Spanish and her native English tongue. As a trilingual songwriter, Maya has trained herself in the art of honesty. She recognizes that certain emotions travel through lyrics that could only work sincerely in Spanish, Portuguese, or English because they fit into the languages’ cultural continuum and poetic tradition. Remarkably, Maya is able to successfully guide her different cultural influences and musical perspectives into a refined and studied genre of her own making. (via)

creditsreleased 15 September 2011 Maya Solovéy- Songwriter, vocals, 7-string guitar, piano, arrangements, scoring, claps Eric Maltz- songwriting, keyboards, vocals, and production on "Ring Ring Ring" Timo Ellis- Ukelele "Bassy" Bob Brockmann- trumpet, flugel horn Robert "Chicken" Burke, additional production, drums Jane Scarpantoni, cello, cello arrangement on "Tonight" Erik Friedlander, cello Tracey Bonham- violin Fred Cash- electric bass Todd Sickafoose- upright bass Naren Rauch- electric and acoustic guitars, e-bow Adam Widoff- guitar Bashiri Johnson, percussion Alex Alexander- drums, percussion, claps Glen Grossman- claps Eric Gorman- drums Clark Gayton- trombone Jim Mcelwaine- bass clarinet Paul Shapiro- flute, clarinet, tenor sax Produced by Maya Solovéy and Bassy Bob Brockmann. Recorded by Bassy Bob Brockmann, Brooklyn, NY Assistant engineering by Jonathan C. Vergara Dreamgirls, Touch, The Most, and American Song recorded at The Chapel, Bearsville, NY, with Robert "Chicken" Burke. Mixed by Bassy Bob Brockmann Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NY, NY

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