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Deal Memo Purgatory by Massaccesi

Album Description

A sonic examination revolving around the music industry was originally made between 2006-2007 but was never released, which is part of the irony of the entire project as much of the motivation behind it was to show the sad truths of the music industry, for instance thinking you or your
band or whatever will be really big and well-known only to end up with a pile of debt and a small handful of people giving a shit about you or making lots and lots of releases which only a handful of people really care about, all these kinds of things. The album follows a typical compositional style for Fanning, which is based around various loop structures which stop and start or bits and pieces which drop in and out, composed chaos, relevant samples, even leftover traces of melody or structure, generally obliterated in a mess of contradictions, etc. Originally produced/composed in 2005-2007 Made by John Fanning as Massaccesi, sounds sourced from all over,  edited, finalized and deconstructed in Hampton, New Hampshire, USA.



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