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It's Love (Sergio Mendoza) by Marianne Dissard

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Marianne Dissard - Paris One Takes
Marianne Dissard - Paris One Takes
Engineer: Jean-Pierre Sluys and Jim Waters
Tucson chanteuse Marianne Dissard’s 2010 “PARIS ONE TAKES” is a full-length live studio album that features 15 songs, culled from both her first award-winning “official” album, “L’Entredeux,” produced and co-written by Joey Burns of Calexico, and her second, upcoming “official” album, “L’Abandon,” due out in late 2010. Recorded in Paris, France in December 2009, with a band tight as can be from 30 dates in 1 month over 7 European countries, “Paris One Takes” is now available as a free download, a gift to all the fans and friends who helped make these past couple of years of touring a
dream come true! “I’m crazy in love with this recording! I feel this is the best live/studio recording we’ve ever done. The band is tight, exciting, excited! Feels like the singing is freer and raunchier, yet still sensual and tender or, as Brian quipped, « it’s matured ». We were all having fun on tour and that recording shows it! A year after its release, the first album, “L’Entredeux,” gets re-invented by the best live band I’ve ever gotten to tour with, while the second album, “L’Abandon” gets hinted at in a promising way! Enjoy this ‘in-between’ album and share it wide!” md “Paris One Takes” features Marianne Dissard on vocals, Brian Lopez (Mostly Bears) on guitar and vocals, Olivier Samouillan on viola, accordeon and mandolin, Geoff Hidalgo (Mostly Bears) on bass and Sergio Mendoza (Calexico, Y La Orkesta) on drums and piano, with engineering & mixing by Jean-Pierre Sluys from Badabing Studio in Paris, France, with additional mixing by Jim Waters from Waterworks Studio in Tucson, Arizona.  -



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