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Give Me Anal Pleasure Please by Maquina de Atender Telefone

Album Description

Porn Music for the Masses
Porn Music for the Masses
Did somebody order a pizza? Or, does someone need their sinks...unclogged? Whatever. The plot doesn't really matter. I'm here. Let's bump silicone in soft focus. Grunts. Yeahs. Cue the porn music. Here we have the first entry in the wildly popular, wildly erotic "Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka" series, presented by
the venerable Comfort Stand Recordings. It's a simple concept - have a bunch of international recording artists render their own version of the barely noticeable but totally ubiquitous music that lets you know people are about to start taking their clothes off. Mix in soft jazz saxophones, the eponymous wah guitar, pulsing 808 bass drums, and - are those wind chimes I hear? Oo, nice. Bonus - the last track features R.Steive Moore! Volume 2 of this series has been featured on the FMA before and, as of this writing, has been downloaded over 67,000 times. You're all a bunch of degenerates. Here's a link to volume 2, just as much fun. If you choose to use these recordings for their intended purpose...maybe just keep that to yourself. Okay. Enjoy. -bseretan



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