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  • Mandy Mozart Aka Dj Rosela Comb and Jiin Ko
"I just want more chicks,at my Hofmusik!"Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMandy Mozart aka DJ Rosela CombThis year with love, the most famous Acid Head Mandy Mozart and his clubmusic loving alter-ego Rosela Comb in an oeuvre of lovely sonnets forConcert Piano-Keyboard and Basedrum. The mechanical wunderkind, also infamous for his improvised compositions
for the Fusion Festival with the new age Techno Orchestra “Cindy Sizer” (Upitup Records) is back in the concert halls of the disco world. He is also known for his cembalo-compositions for “A+V” (with LA based video jockey and audio-visual Kappelmeister Fader) and the improvisation band “Loucy Louder” (Shalom Salon). Prepare for Sachertorte und Acid House in new dimensions of eloquence and be ready to learn how we handle tings with ‘em Ladies here in Austria.Mandy Mozart is playing Liverpool for Upitup Records 10th Anniversary on March 23rd.Art of Anatomy feat. Jiin KoUpitup Records, Released March 14th, 2013


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