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Maggotzoid (Live) by Maggotzoid

Album Description

MD #44 Oh my god, I'm done! Over 100 MASS DIST records made over 25 years are now up on the Free Music Archive! ALL OF THEM! This took months and months, and years and years, and hours and hours every week. I want to thank Jonah Rapino, Cesar Siguencia,
and Cheyenne Hohman for all the help! I'm relieved. I'm exhausted. I'm very proud. To tie it up, one last batch of rando weirdo MASS DIST for you: LANCE ROMANCE, DUDE TOUR, NATURE BOY, DON LENNON, GODBOIS, TUTTLE MUSIC, GRAND ISLAND, OPEN MIC NIGHT, WACSAC, MAGGOTZOID, and MARTYR MINER I got a couple ideas of things I'd like to upload to the FMA in the future, but the big pile is done. The mountain is levelled. I can rest. Move on to other ridiculous things. I'LL BE BACK!  MASS DIST



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