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 Machines In Heaven (1 Albums, 3 Tracks)


Machines in Heaven began in August 2010 when songwriter Graham Crossan (previously The Great I Am, who recorded with Miaoux Miaoux and Sam Smith of Green Door Studio/Casual Sex/Mother & The Addicts) was introduced to producer Magic Daddy, aka Greg Hurst (Optimo, Stuff, Oscarr) by manager Clair Crawford (Miaoux Miaoux, Tokyo Knife Attack).

Magic Daddy's production led Machines In Heaven away from The Great I Am's previous lo fi aesthetic and short songs, and towards something more epic and multilayered. Producer Scientific Support Dept. aka Brian Docherty (Creeping Bent, Shirley Manson, Malcolm Middleton, Emma Pollock) also came onboard later, and, once a short set of songs was ready, gig offers quickly came in (including headlining at Glasgow's 'Pin-Up Nights' on their third ever gig, in front of a large and enthusiast crowd with members of The Twilight Sad DJing afterwards).

At this stage of their development, MiH had already had two of their tracks ('Le Quark' and 'Mumbo Jingo') played on BBC Radio 1's 'Introducing' show, and had gained an ever increasing enthusiastic following plus support from various bloggers, journalists, DJs, and other musicians.

After taking time away from gigging to work on a new live set, and having recruited Robbi Pinkerton (How Garbo Died, Julian The Apostate) and Davey Gwynne (Blood Blood, Adult Emergency) into the band, MiH agreed to release with BLM, and are currently lining up numerous gigs for 2013 and planning to release their debut album in March, then tour the continent in summer.

They are already working on a follow-up EP to the album, and have much more material written and ready to record.



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