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Anonimous Body In An Emty Room by Lume

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Joeri Bruyninckx: all instruments + recording Lieven Fieremans: editing + mastering Lume is the long-time experimental lo-fi project of Belgian Joeri Bruyninckx who also moonlights as a music journalist doing interviews for Ruis, Urbanmag, Vice, Storing, Foxy Digitalis, RifRaf, Kwadratuur etc. A collection of his interviews with musicians from the deep dark Belgian underground was released as a book titled ‘Komaan jong, stel nu eens een boeiende vraag!’ (Dutch / English) in 2009. Release notes: “'I Am An All Day Long Sucker For Your Love' is a line from a Stevie Wonder song. I don't know which one. I haven't
heard the song. I just read this line in the lyric sheet. Stevie repeats this line over and over until it loses its meaning, which is a good description of these Lume recordings.” Recording notes: "It's an album in 3 parts.  I moved into a new home and recorded in the living room when it was still empty. I recorded all tracks with a dictaphone. I put the dictaphone in a corner. On the first track I 'play' on a typewriter. For the second track, I recorded myself playing a small portable organ from the 50s. I don't play melodies or rhythms, just single notes. For the last track, I just record the empty room, than played this recording in this room while recording it again. I repeated this process several times. Because I pressed the 'record' and 'FFWD' button together while recording, the whole record sounds slowed down." Joeri Bruyninckx sent demos and tapes from Belgium on a regular basis to Diskono, most of the tracks ended up elsewhere ...



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