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Mourning the Breathing by Luke Pigott

Album Description

Released:August 26th, 2015

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This record is the product of so many beautiful people and life events. I can't thank everyone undoubtedly. My amazing parents are the reason for me being who I am today, Joshua Myers, Kyle Mathis, and the rest of the old Ellephare gang, Codie & Josie Gibbons, Joey and Nicholaus Panella, Petit Gulf Cotton, and Soundsea Films. All of my amazing, supportive friends (you know who you are, you lowlifes; I seriously love all of you). I also need to give a special thanks to a few people. Bryant Hawkins: you have been there thoughout so much of this, always helpful, always willing to listen and support. Thank you. Chris Caulder and Ashley Cubbler: y'all gave me the hope I needed recently to take myself seriously. Kelly Davila: This record would've never happened without you being around for it. And finally, I just want to thank God. Life is so crazy. I'm thankful for the world we live in, despite its problems. So many sacred moments that give me hope and artistic inspiration, or things that make me sad, but make me want to make things better somehow.


Dedication: This album is dedicated to a couple of suffering friends, that will not be named, and to those suffering everywhere.


Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Luke Pigott in Sun Porch Studios (Ambler, PA) and elsewhere (garageband lo-fi recordings made in MS and PA), except:
Additional recording by Chris Caulder (Ousted Records) on "Mediated" and "Goodbye," and recording and mixing on "Goodbye" by Joshua Myers, Mayors' Mansion Studios (Petal, MS).

Luke Pigott: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, banjo, melodica, bass, piano, synthesizers/keyboards, vocals, ambient noises.
Chris Caulder: drums ("Mediated," "Goodbye"); vocals ("Goodbye")
Joshua Myers: drums ("Demon")
Hadley Elizabeth: vocals ("Waiting")

Photography by Bradley Maule (Philadelphia) and Bryant Hawkins (Mississippi)
Art by Ashley Cubbler
Video by: Chris Caulder, Soundsea films, myself, and others (see the credits)

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Mourning the Breathing by Luke Pigott is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.
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