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Irrational by Kenney Floreat

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This is so irrational, You could say I'm tripping oh, Lately I been sipping oh, I just got done smoking oh, Just a few minutes ago Man I cannot lie Gotta keep it real til I fuckin die Man gotta stay high stay fly 3, 6 Mafia, 216, Warriors blew a 3-1 lead and now we got the ship, Runnin up the fuckin medals, Kylie Irving with the flick, Watching dummy moves by funny dudes Adam Sandler click, Madam may I get a lick, I'm starving and I'm fucking sick, I'm out my mind, Just toss that shit, Like cam newton, I'm dabbin quick, I don't dance, just smoke advanced, And make ya mommy move her hips, What can I say what am i man, Just a piece of shit with a drink in his hand, Movin without a plan, Trynna be a better man than the ones that came before, But it's hard when surrounded by these drugs and these whores, Closing doors that you open, swimming with sharks in oceans, hopin, for my chance it opens Deep blue sea, It's not that rough, Waving through the fucking dust, I'm fucking done I'm fucking nuts, I hate myself, I love your guts, I don't know what I'm sayin now, So imma turn the fuck back up, Fill another empty cup, I'm a diamond in the dust I swear, I just don't know where, Hopin I can find sierra leone, And I have a prayer, Hail Mary strike me down, Actin like a fuckin clown, Shut your mouth, Shut it down Fast lane racing here we go, Finessin bitches dosie does, And laddie daddies, Feel that rhythm in ya toes, Daddy issues blown in tissues, Replace with the white in nose, These white girls love that shit I know, And Xanax they been out control Welcome to my city, Young girl so pretty off the Xanax and henny, Know there's plenty, Gotta tell a dime from a penny, So dangerous entrancing, These girls keep on dancing to lmfao I be lmfao Party girls just keep on dancing 1 2 here we go
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