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kane-i-kokala by Logoplasm

Album Description


[fm.m07] acid colored 3" mini cdr of intense everyday magic

Recorded in Ariccia, Nemi, Anzio, three steps away from our place in 2007 and using mostly water, so that you could feel as if you were sailing, maybe stranded and lost offshore.

Recorded and assembled so that Kane-I-Kokala could come and rescue you, by Laura Lovreglio and Paolo Ippoliti. The mixer trembled and blushed as we went on.

At a point in the first section just before the birdcall soars a couple passed through, one of them asking what does it mean? and the other one replying it means, it means and we kept crouching into the fountain as if nothing happened.

And even this is a partial recollection, a pointless story indexed via mostly obscure details. No way to spot seeds from atop the ground before they sprout. Be gentle.

In hawaiian folklore Kane-I-Kokala was a shark helper spirit that led you back to shore whenever you got lost at sea. A plentiful metaphoric plethora, engineered in place because of a broken compass, the land looking as reckless and unknown as the ocean these days. Even if it all points north, it doesn’t mean that’s the way to go.

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