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Little Howlin' Wolf at WFMU
Little Howlin' Wolf at WFMU
Host: Brian Turner
Engineer: Gil Shuster
Contrary to what his name might conjure up in one's mind, Little Howlin' Wolf is indeed James Pobiega, a 6'9" Polish fellow from the South Side of Chicago whose past activities have included being a bounty hunter, secret agent, diving instructor, and kids' pirate entertainer. As a street musician, he
also has created a body of free-flowing music from another planet ranging from demented voodoo-blues, junkyard calypso, fractured free-gospel and other uncategorizable sound forms that call to mind the greatest moments of Abner Jay, Albert Ayler, and Don Van Vliet. He opened the floodgates with a stunning pile of 7"s and LPs through the late 1970's and 80's that are being compiled today by the likes of Baltimore fans Nautical Almanac and Ehse Records. He's performing in studio today joined by Max and Twig from Nautical Almanac plus Jason Willett, and chatting thereafter with Brian. More info at and -Brian Turner



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