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  • Rachel Feldmann - bass, guitars, vox
  • Kate Kane - guitars, vox
  • Luke Ferguson - drums
Lipstick Homicide emerged from the womb when 15 year old Rachel Feldmann met 16 year old Kate Kane and decided to form a band with 2 other ladies from their high school . When “The Whoopsie Daisies” didn’t work out as planned, they decided to join forces with Luke Ferguson
from the extremely popular Iowa City band the Sequels. Feldmann and Kane share the songwriting duties, with a heavy focus on writing the catchiest songs possible, whether or not the lyrics make any sense. At least they’re good at pretending to make sense. We’re just 3 bff’s having fun, being as loud as we want, talking in 3rd person for biographical purposes, and not cleaning up our spilt pop.

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