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Hell Loop, Ween by Lemon Yellow Hayes

Album Description

Let’s collaborate on spooky soundbeds, terrifying tunes, eerie anthems, and bone-chilling ballads! Uploads for the Ghost Notes Remix Event will be accepted from October 1st through November 1st on ccMixter and you can upload samples below until October 20th 2017. Share a spooky sound and license it CC BY for inclusion in the Ghost Notes remix event.  Happy Halloween!


Track Info

'Hell Loop, Ween' was written and released by Lemon Yellow
Hayes in October of 2017. The majority of the sounds come from the loop
package that came with my Studio One software. Credit for all other
sounds are listed below. 'Hell Loop, Ween'
by Lemon Yellow Hayes is licensed with an Attribution Creative Commons License. Please contact lemonyellowhayes
[at] gmail [dot] com regarding the use and contents of this material.Thunder: Courtesy of juskiddink - Cackle 1: Courtesy of Robinhood76 - Cackle 2: Courtesy of raven2099 - Courtesy of Benboncan - Courtesy of felix-blume - Scratch: Courtesy of filmsndfx -
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Hell Loop, Ween by Lemon Yellow Hayes is licensed under a Attribution License.
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