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Vancouver City Centre by Lee Rosevere

Album Description

Released:September 19th, 2017
Special 'extended single' version of a track from the forthcoming album "Canada Line: A Musical Suite in Real Time" (release tba)

Inspired by the group Wild Strawberries' GO Project, "Canada Line: A Musical Suite in Real Time" is a non-stop collection of songs - named after each of the stations in the first zone of the Canada Line route.

Where the Wild Strawberries project names a song after each station on the GO line, this album goes one step further.

Not only is each track named after the first nine stops on the Canada Line, it's also combined with a field recording of the beginning of the Canada Line including station announcements, starting at Waterfront Station and ending at Marine Drive

Each track/station seamlessly segues from one station stop to the next, and also plays in real time, with each song running the actual length of travel time between the stations.

This album is not endorsed nor funded by Translink in any way.

photo by Klparrot



Vancouver City Centre

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