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Why Go On? by Lazy Magnet

Album Description

Engineer: Jason Sigal & Dylan Going
Lazy Magnet is the project of Jeremy Harris, a staggeringly prolific and versatile musician from Providence RI who's been at it since 1994. Way back when, he was a third member of USAISAMONSTER. Jeremy's own music is a schizophrenic mix that segues from style to style at a mile a
minute. Like "10 bands trapped inside one man's body" says his label, Corleone Records, who released Lazy Magnet's first "proper" album, "He Sought For That Magic By Which All the Glory and Glamor of Mystic Chivalry Were Made to Shine - or - Is Music Even Good?" This comes on the heels of 20+ other releases in formats ranging from picturebook to 500-song box set. (-by Jason Sigal)



09. Lazy Magnet - Why Go On? 00:10:23

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