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Lazlo Supreme
LOCATION:Minneapolis, MN
  • Toussaint Morrison - Vocals
  • Linden Killam - Keys
  • Patrick Moses - Drums
Lazlo Supreme is an organized criminal syndicate comprised of uniquely endowed super villains. They’re also a three-piece band of indistinguishable genre. Hailing from South High in Minneapolis, the collective has come together to form what can be described as either a schizophrenic Devastator or a whiskey-fueled Voltron, depending on your
preferred 80’s cartoon nostalgia-check. Frontman/MC Toussaint Morrison spits, and sometimes gurgles, a literary elixer that contains both the cure for cancer and the antidote to the ennui that everyone feels but no one acknowledges. Pat Moses, meanwhile, provides a backdrop of extra-crispy beats so tightly screwed you’d swear he were part mutant. Which he is. Throw in keys, courtesy of the classically trained Linden Killam, AKA Dr. Puddles, and you’re left with a jazzy, urgently laidback casserole that goes great with red wine, pistachios, and madness. (Also, Ovaltine).