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Moonquakes by Lately Kind of Yeah

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Part of the Lately Kind of Yeah archive series. Hutton’s Paradox largely shares in common the video game aesthetics of Sol Saga and The Lost Adventures of Vexx, with the more minimal, acoustic “Exit Only” and “Compass” providing a reflective sonic escape. A mixed bag of moods can be found
here, from the bullet hell-in-space atmosphere of “Harken Laser” to my personal favorite, the complex “Moonquakes” which swings from upbeat to mysterious until it self-destructs. Words from the artist: “Ultimately a continuation in experimentation of Sol Saga. I had started to exhaust a lot of the presets and defaults of my DAW, as well as wanting to incorporate more guitar and arrangement ideas. Although disjointed, the EP would go on to lay the groundwork and comfort in doing the later Voyage album.”



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