Latché Swing

Latché Swing offers its audience a musical journey to the world of gipsy jazz. The two guitar players, the bass…

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demo 2008 2009 - Album

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2009 - Album


k80sill Sep 11, 2015

Super fun music. Makes me smile every time I hear it. Keep up the good work!

hargikas Mar 27, 2013

Great music. I've put your music as soundtrack in a small bicycle video: Thank you!

softenerreviews Mar 01, 2013

Latch? Swing - is my favorite writerof musice in this days! :)

infocapta Feb 16, 2012

hello! We want to use the song Hungaria, for a commercial motion video and i want to know if we can buy this song and the price! thank you very much! its urgent!! Thanks