Lamprey is the solo project of Cody Jones from the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. Employing a myriad of musical…

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The Greener Grass 2016 - Album
My music is licensed under a Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) License. Others can copy, distribute, display, perform and remix…


2018 - Album


Soularflair Jun 21, 2017

Excellent work. That's one helluva killer vocal range you got there! And Hi from another Queensland resident :)

Stab.content Oct 21, 2016

Created an account just to say - your music rocks. Really did not expect such quality from free tracks. I promise I will make a dondation as soon as I use one of your tracks. And seeing how I am...

LKW-Allrad Jun 27, 2016

Very nice music !! Perhaps i can use it for the next video ? I will make a don. when i use it. I will let u know this soon.

RocKhan May 04, 2016

I come to this site to find free songs for my motovlogs but I found myself I m listening the whole album of you, its great really well done. Im sure everyone will know your name soon, stay with music,...