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Remember the time we use to play by Komiku

Album Description


Another soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist. A RPG with a lot of old people. A group of friends come back to their childhood place after 50 years. 2018. A peaceful rural village, a powerful energy will be extracted from here. Almost all children leave the village to live in the city. Some kids stay and will participate to the extraction of the ressource. They promise to each other to come back in 50 years, a date recorded in their mobile. 50 years later, they find each other in the village and see that the village is fully transformed, almost desert, changed by the extraction. If the technology helped them to have a happy life in the city, their village has taken bad effects of a blind use of the technologic tools, destroying the ground, the forest, making population moving. This old group of friends decide to find people responsible to this ecologic and memorial massacre.

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