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If the sky falls, we shall catch larks

Album Description

For several years I have been recording music using my instruments and a computer, although it wasn't until (K-RAA-K)3 got in touch with me, that I brought my ideas together to make actual songs. Before that, the only audience was myself. Although the songs on this cd are folksongs really and have a structured course, my musical approach and interest goes out to religious and shamanistic music, be it buddhist, krishna or american indian music. Not because of it's contents but because of it's repetitive, mantra, dronelike character. I tried to create this timeless, trancelike atmosphere which you can find
in religious music through using non-western instruments such as harmonium, tanpura, bowls and bells and repetitive singing. I very much enjoy their rattling and clanging. When I wrote the song Sevenfold, I was really imagining an incantation around an indian campfire and therefore should be regarded as such by the listener. Sighing, Seething, Soothing is a lenghty dronelike piece of 20 minutes in three parts which, as the title indicates, makes a curved course. Firstly, a preamble based around a pianotheme that suddenly is taken over by a centerpiece led by apocalyptic repetitive chanting, bells, hurdy-gurdy and distorted guitars. And which finally results in a postrockish outro with lots of delayguitars and so lays down the course. To be listened to in this order. Nihil, as in Nihilism is a some sort of protestsong. I became so angered with the mediacircus which aroused around the Tsunami disaster that I had to write a song about it. The title refers to my attitude towards the money-collecting rage fed by big companies. The most accessible song on the cd is Almost, Silver and I therefore wanted it as the last track on the cd. Though Sighing, Seething, Soothing should be regarded as the main part of the cd, I wanted to finish the album with a more positive feeling. Actually the song is about unrequited love and not positive at all, but the music is much softer and more gentle. The music on this cd should be regarded as a whole and urges the listener to break with his routine by entering a timeless state in a utopian world. - Stef Heeren, 28th march 2005



If the sky falls, we shall catch larks
UPLOADED: 07/08/2009

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