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 Julie Maxwell (1 Albums, 26 Tracks)


LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
  • Julie Maxwell

Julie Maxwell, the Princess of Mars, strives to push the boundaries through her artwork, photography, music, and visual designs. As a child, she enjoyed the piano tremendously and, along with fascination for music in general, began taking her emotions and projecting them into her keyboard. A note here, a rise there, and soon expressing a raw tenderness through melodies with a language the whole world can understand.

Through her music, she brings forth emotional depth to create stories to her notes. Every unique piece has a tale of loneliness and teeters between overcoming and falling, hitting the heart chords of others. Whether America, Japan, or the Mars Landscape, there will always be a melody vibrating from her head and from her heart.

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kaoru27umi on 10/19/16 at 03:40PM
Hello Martians, this is your Princess, Julie Maxwell!

I completely appreciate the love and support for my music from all of you! I feel very honored to have people liking my compositions! However, I've been having trouble with people keeping with the license I have provided to my music.

CC by ND means sharing and spreading, but no alterations are allowed without my permission!
This includes, remixing, adaptations, and building upon. If you would like to use my music in your video (EX: youtube), please contact me prior to uploading. There needs to be proper citation if you want to use my music in your video, which is the following:

Title of song
Composer: Julie Maxwell
And for my personal benefit. my website:
(Please make sure the links are in working order!)

This is so others can find my music and I can spread my Martian melodies to all!

Thank you so very much for understanding how important proper citation is!

Love you all!
BlueBear on 01/20/18 at 05:39PM
Can I use the Lost Forest in a youtube video? I cited it the way you wanted.
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