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Ansí se me arrimó by Judith Cohen

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photo by Arkady Gluhih
photo by Arkady Gluhih
Performing live at the Golden Festival with her daughter, Tamar Ilana (also lead vocalist of Ventanas),  Demetrios Petsalakis (oud; Ventanas) and Geoffrey Clarfield (oud, hand percussion).   1. La muerte del Duque de Gandía - Turkish Sephardic romance (narrative ballad) - the opening  lines of the ballad. Judith Cohen, a capella
2. Ansí se me arrimó: Moroccan Sephardic wedding song. Judith Cohen vocals and derbukka, Tamar Ilana (daughter), vocals and frame drum, Geoffrey Clarfield, frame drum 3.a. Landarico: narrative ballad. Two versions:        Version 1: Moroccan Sephardic: Judith Cohen, a capella 3.b.   Version 2: Tamar Ilana, vocals; Geoffrey Clarfield, oud; Judith Cohen: frame drum 4. A Padeirinha. Portugal. Judith Cohen, lead vocals and frame drum; Tamar Ilana, vocals and frame drum 5. Hija mía, te vo dar: Turkish Sephardic song, husband-selection dialogue between mother and daughter.   Judith Cohen: vocals and derbukka; Tamar Ilana: vocals and frame drum; Geoffrey Clarfield: oud 6. O que buena que fue la hora: Balkan Sephardic wedding song. Judith Cohen and Tamar Ilana: vocals; Judith Cohen: derbukka; Tamar Ilana and Geoffrey Clarfield: frame drums 7. Dobro doshli, lane moje: Bosnia. Judith Cohen and Tamar Ilana, vocals 8. Coplas de Purím (Sephardic from Salonica): Judith Cohen, vocals, derbukka: Tamar Ilana: vocals, frame drum; Demetrios Petsalakis: oud; Geoffrey Clarfield: frame drum



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