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El Reloj (El Tiempo Se Nos Va María y José Remix) by Jóvenes y Sexys

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Album Description

This is a remix EP based on the songs originally released on "Bruno EP" (The Poni Republic, 2008).All songs written by Ezequiel Bertho and Lorena Orlando, except "Gold Day", written by Ezequiel Bertho, Lorena Orlando & Clément Marion, and "Divine Hammer", javascript:void(0)written by Kim Deal.Track 1: Remixed by María y
JoséTrack 3: Remixed by PepepeTrack 4: Reworked by NuuroThe cover image is an intervention of the original artwork by Loocila, made by Juan José Quintanillo (San Francisco, Venezuela).Credits for the other images:001, 002 by Alejandro Díaz (Caracas, Venezuela)003, 004, 005 by Andros Leal (Mexico DF, Mexico)006 by Carmen Finol (Maracaibo, Venezuela)007 by Demon Balooni (Soledad, Colombia)008 by Javier Otero (Caracas, Venezuela)009 by Juan Carlos Linares (Caracas, Venezuela)010 by Linda Meléndez (Maracaibo, Venezuela)011 by Luiz Méndez (Mexico DF, Mexico)012 by Néstor Montiel (Maracaibo, Venezuela)013 by Nicasio Andrade (Maracaibo, Venezuela)014 by Nileida Tovar (Caracas, Venezuela)015 by Reynaldo V. Rodríguez (Caracas, Venezuela)016 by Rie Sánchez (Caracas, Venezuela)017 by Stuart Haussmann (Flower Mound, Texas, USA)018, 019 by Uxío Broullón (Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, España)020, 021, 022 by Valentina Alvarado (Maracaibo, Venezuela)Thanks to Antonio Jiménez, Carlos Pesina and Alex Ghersi, and to all the people who made interventions for this project, you guys rock.Contact: jovenesysexys@gmail.com @jovenesysexysSome rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2010. via Poni Republic