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De Bokkenrijder by Jonas

Album Description

de bokkenrijder
Released:March 9th, 2014
Producer: Richard Jonas

Whether you subscribe to conspiracy theories or not, you have to admire the human ability for pattern recognition, trying to solve the puzzle of life. Artists are often overly sensitive to recognizing patterns, the same creative imagination that is a blessing for hearing potential in sounds, can be a burden when you need to focus on a task and get it done. In extreme cases you can lose yourself in fantasy or superstition, linking illogical - outside of reality – irrational thoughts to what is really happening. Plato already recognized this danger of an artist’s preoccupation with imagination; our madness couldn’t be given free rein in his Utopian city state, the republic. Being naturally fascinated with patterns and inclined towards superstition, last year I have been running through the internets, devouring all kinds of tinfoil-wrapped food for thought. This collection of glitched out, cut-up, sample based beats reflects some of the inspiration...



De Bokkenrijder
01. Brazzeroni 9 (03:54)
03. Ja (01:33)
04. Blackballed (03:16)
05. Apart Of You (02:29)
09. Valent (03:18)
10. The future? (03:48)
16. Manis (04:15)
17. Uitwerking (03:15)
18. The American (02:43)
20. Zegutmaar (03:52)
21. Bad Taste (01:49)
22. Balaton (03:39)
23. Tokkelbeat (02:55)
24. Bonny Ruski (03:29)
25. Djeroek (04:04)
26. Schel (04:34)
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