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Steel Guitar Rodeo by Jon Rauhouse

Album Description

Released:May 1st, 2004

The response to Jon Rauhouse's first CD was soooo strong, we couldn't reasonably stop him from making another. His tedious presentations at the office, full of power point stuff, pie charts, and sales figures broken down by zip codes and hair colors, finally wore us down. Who would have thunk that a record replete with pedal steel and Hawaiian guitar classics would stand a chance in the techno-crazy new millennium? Maybe people miss records that contain actual MUSICIANS (guys like Calexico, Tom Ray (Devil in a Woodpile, Neko Case, and Tommy Connell). Maybe they like the fact that even grandmaw will want to get down to this stuff and get off your back about all that "noise" you normally pollute your ears with.

Whatever the case, Jon and his gang came back with another installment that will most assuredly put a smile on your face and a beat in your feet. More classics like “Indian Love Call,” “Smoke Rings,” “Perry Mason Theme,” and the Raymond Scott, hard as hell to play, you know it from Warner Brothers cartoons “Powerhouse,” a handful of originals, and, for those who just NEED the sound of a human voice, guest vocalists Neko Case, Sally Timms, Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), and Kelly Hogan. Steel Guitar Rodeo kicks up some dust, my friends. Help Jon and the gang end the unfair prejudice against instrumentals. This is THE record for dusting off the high-balls, putting a John Wayne DVD in the player, swapping lies about your visit to the Playboy Mansion, and dreaming of faraway scantily clad native gals running down white sand beaches. And remember, go easy on the vermouth—Dino and Don Ho would have wanted it that way.

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Steel Guitar Rodeo
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