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A Truly Fun Place by Jess Lemont

Album Description

Released:May 5th, 2015

Introducing a new artist to the Happy Puppy roster - Jess Lemont! Jess is quite prolific and equally skilled on guitar, keyboards and drums.

I had originally approached her to collect some of the songs she was posting there for a release here, but instead she offered up a self-released CD from 2003 called A Truly Fun Place, where she is responsible for (nearly) every sound on it. It has a wonderful loose, jazzy psychedelic vibe that could easily be mistaken for a long-lost early 70s private press LP.

You can hear more of her freaky-jazz creations under the name Be A Waterwolf on soundcloud.



Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, & 12 recorded between 2002-03 at Transit Recordings by Alexander Boyes

Tracks 1, 4, 6, 9, & 11* recorded in Jess Lemont's trusty basement with a primitive digital multi-tracker that used a zip drive at various times, mostly the 2000-01 range.
*2nd half of track 11 was recorded at DV Productions in 2000 (David Vartanian). The last 20 seconds were recorded at Transit Recordings. Full-circle effort.

All music, lyrics and bad raps (bad raps are found on tracks 6 & 9) written and performed/sung by Jess Lemont. Alexander Boyes is a guest singer (he does the low, low stuff on Blue Shadow, track 12, at the end. It is very low). Oh, he also played the cymbal rolls at the end of track 5.

Note: Original release contained the tracks 'Ducks that are Badasses' and 'No Cipher' -- unfortunately, it has been impossible to get them to transfer/find copies. Ducks that are Badasses,' they really were. All of the ducks.

Second Note: Special thanks go out to Anja Sieger and to Anton Sieger for finding and transferring a serviceable copy of this first (really 2nd--I'm still looking for the 1st, from 1999 with the word 'Escapism' in the title, if anyone has that) album I put out. It seemed as though no one had a copy that mostly worked, and shame on me for not backing it up. Good job hanging onto things, Sieger siblings! Thank you. Also, 12 years later, I still would like to thank Alexander Boyes for being about as patient as anyone could be. Seriously. I tired people out.

Third Note: Quite a bit of Tracks 3 & 10 overlaid synth and then some guitar parts were tracked while Planet of the Apes and then part of Godzilla were playing, muted, on the television in the Transit Recordings facility, beyond the glass doors in the adjacent room. I observed. This was likely very helpful. Also, I now can only think of scenes from those movies when I hear both tracks.


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