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Live at WFMU on Scott's Show on 6/9/2003 by Jennifer Gentle

Album Description

Released:June 9th, 2003
Recorded:June 7th, 2003
Host: Scott Williams
Engineer: Gil Shuster
Welcome Jennifer Gentle! She is not a person, she is four boys -- see below for more on who they actually are. Stay here for more of my spiel:

Ahem... Jennifer Gentle is my favorite new band. They're a psychedelic guitar band with some massive tendencies towards totally inspired whimsey.

Naming themselves after Syd Barrett's ode to demon cat "Lucifer Sam" (and Jennifer, his keeper), these Jennifers seem to share Syd's particular disconnect from our chronic everyday.

Reminding me of nothing less than early Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (and it ain't just me who's saying ), similarly infected by the contents of Daevid Allen's teacup, these Gentlemen have filtered it all thru Noise-Japan and finally capped a uniquely Italian brew.

  Here are the songs they played:

Loco Weed
Nothing Makes Sense
My Memories' Book
Morgue Diva
Tiny Holes

...and here are the TOTAL PSYCHEDELIC FREAKOUTS they played:

Bring Them
Couple in Bed by a Green Flashing Light
Rubber and South

  On this occasion, Jennifer Gentle comprised the following four Gents:

Marco Fasolo -- guitar, vocals
Isacco Maretto -- guitar, bass, vocals
Alessio Gastaldello -- drums, sample loop
Nicola Crivellari -- bass, guitar, vocals

  Thanks to all of them! Thanks also to our technical crew for this evening:
Chris Stubbs turned all the knobs and Maryann Ciba pushed the buttons

Many thanks also to Marco at Sillyboy Entertainment for his help in getting them here!

  Now enjoy our interview:

SCOTT : Ciao colleghe! Ringraziamenti per venire! Come siete?

ALESSIO : Hello Scott! We are well, thanks in order to have itself accomodated here to WFMU.

SCOTT : Vi introdurrete prego e mi dite che cosa avete giocato appena?

MARCO : We are Jennifer Gentle from Padova, Italy. Cio` that you have as soon as listened to other not e` that an extract from ours 3 discs.

SCOTT : Completamente sono perso e non conosco che cosa sto dicendo. Possiamo ora arrestarsi?

ISACCO : Si` for this time you we grant, but that one is not repeated piu` such interview.

SCOTT : Ringraziamenti cosi tanto a Chris Stubbs e Maryann Ciba per contribuire a rendere a Jennifer suono delicato cosi terrific! Sono ci niente altro che abbiate voluto dire?

NICOLA : We are much happy here for having been to play from you. It would appeal to a lot to us to stop to us to living to New York here but the rents are to stars.. Thanks of all, tomorrow we return in Italy. Hello, we love to you.

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Radio Program

Live at WFMU on Scott's Show on 6/9/2003
01. Loco Weed (03:42)
04. Husbands (03:22)

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