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A Window by Jeff Kolar

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Design by Jeremy Stephen Shedd
Design by Jeremy Stephen Shedd
Ringtones is a set of operative ring tones produced specifically for use by mobile telephones. The audio addresses the compositional structures of ring tones and their functional use as transmission indicators.  Ringtones imitates the durational loops and rhythms found in the incoming and outgoing audio alerts. The audio tracks analyze
different ring tone formats: Monophonic, Polyphonic, Truetone, Singtone, video ringtone; and other peripheral transmission languages: Morse code, MIDI.  Ringtones investigates the dominant cadence patterns (i.e. ring-pause-ring), and other audible signals like the dial tone, busy signal, off-hook tone, and recorder tone. The work also explores the proprietary encoding formats and data compression techniques predominantly used to reduce transmission bandwidth and storage requirements of audio data.  Ringtones was recorded at free103point9’s Wave Farm Artist-In-Residence program in July 2012 at the Wave Farm Study Center in Acra, NY, USA.



01. Jeff Kolar - A Window 00:00:35

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