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Swaddling Thickets of White Deafness by Jayne Amara Ross, Frédéric D. Oberland and Gaspar Claus

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Classwar Karaoke Survey 0024
Classwar Karaoke Survey 0024
Producer: Classwar Karaoke
People are being undertaken. Losses of versatility are routinely brokered from the annual resurrections. The ripened are understood as doxa that is held beyond us. Our age is mired in a perfidious slush of stella vegetable pi. Note, dear friends, these cut throats:    05_Elements: In spring 2012, I began inviting players whose work I like to contribute improvised parts towards a long-term project with the working-title of 'Elements'. The intention was that each player contributes in isolation, without any knowledge about the other players taking part. After gathering a workable pool of these parts, I then began composing with these
elements - processing, editing and such like - along with adding my own work. This is the sixteenth of these pieces, comprised of myself and four other players: 05_Elements. Improvisers: Ross Ackerman, AG Davis, Anthony Donovan, Anton Mobin and Crank Sturgeon / Composition and words: Anthony Donovan. (Anthony Donovan, November 2013)   14-PARAL-LEL: a double-deaf trial called PARAL-LEL: several artists/musicians were invited to contribute one or more tracks of about three minutes which are randomly combined. editing (minimal) and mix by Hopek Quirin. this is result no. 14 of the experiment: 14-PARAL-LEL ñ akab-ondage (electronics), Der Gorilla Knurr (FM cut-ups) / 1-PARAL-LEL to 13-PARAL-LEL were kindly included in previous Classwar Karaoke Surveys   15-PARAL-LEL: a double-deaf trial called PARAL-LEL: several artists/musicians were invited to contribute one or more tracks of about three minutes which are randomly combined. editing (minimal) and mix by Hopek Quirin. this is result no. 15 of the experiment: 15-PARAL-LEL ñ Flavien GilliÈ (field recording, electronics), Der Gorilla Knurr (tv cut-ups) / 1-PARAL-LEL to 13-PARAL-LEL were kindly included in previous Classwar Karaoke Surveys   213TV: Worried about where we go when we're not here? Worried about life without 213tv? Be consoled - you can't get rid of us that easily...    Adoption: From the five minute long, debut (and last) full-length album "Nineteen Ninety" / AG Davis: Vocals, Editing / Auston Kalaczinski: drum programming, synthesizers / (originally recorded in March of 2012; released May of 2013 by Skrot Up in an edition of 60 cassettes)   AG Davis: Composed and Recorded by AG Davis (September, 2011) during a phase of psionic hacking treatments...   Ahad: Zsolt SorÈs (Ahad) plays on a ruined mellotron and an FM3 Buddha Machine 2.0, a Kaoss Pad-1 and a Magic ZX electronic tanpura. Originally recorded in high quality stereo at the IMA Institut f¸r Medienarch‰ologie exhibition "Magical Sound Machines - Forgotten Future #1" on the "Art's Birthday 2009 ñ 1,000,046 Years of Art" by Kunstradio in Kulturfabrik Hainburg, Hainburg an der Donau, Austria, 17.01.2010. Event curated by Elisabeth Schimana (IMA - Hainburg) and Elisabeth Zimmermann (Kunstradio - Vienna) / IMA Institut f¸r Medienarch‰ologie: Magical Sound Machines: Art's Birthday 2009 ñ 1,000,046 Years of Art: Art's Birthday in the Kunstradio archive (sounds and videos):   Alan Courtis: En la Terraza 1 / Sounds and Music by Alan Courtis / Direction: Agustina Stegmayer / Sound & Mix: Ismael Pinkler / Director of Photography: Guido Tomeo / Production: Carolina Stegmayer / Sound Assistant: Iv·n Primosich / Editing and Montage: Guido Tomeo and Agustina Stegmayer / Web Programming: Luciano Amor / Design: Guido Tomeo, Luciano Amor, Malen Zapata and Job Salorio / web page:   Alexei Borisov and Yuri Yaremchuk: [...]    Alienpig: I've been writing, recording and playing music for what seems like thousands of years. Punk rock liberated me from my roadie head and since then I've played music as diverse as the punk noise of The Vague in 76 to the industrial clangs of Abraxas in the early 90s, via the Clan Spamborskee and their ACIEEED HOOSE shenanigans in the late 80s and also solo at various free parties where I also jammed live with an assortment of top Glasgow DJs. I ran and DJ'd at the hellraiser club in the Barrowlands (mid to late 80's). Iíve also played with some of the best and most creative musicians from the mid 70s on, including the guys from Test Department who opened my eyes even wider tae all the possibilites. Most of my own tracks are first or second take (I don't believe in perfection...perfection is an echo of something beautiful), The ALiENPiG sounds consists of song, electronic, ambient and experimental ....skanked up, psychedelic, dub, punk rock blues   Anthony Donovan and Ruela: Video art collaboration, selected for the MIA Video Art Show 2013 with the soundtrack - (1-08GuiomarSRadichTembe)   Antonio de Braga: Musician / composer, based in Quebec, Canada / building grooves out of two sticks since i'm a kid /   Arco Enarmonico: Temor A La Oscuridad / Dark Ambient & Terrorscapes / Contact:  Jose Noise  facebook /   Arthur Bull Daniel HeÔkalo Duo: Arthur Bull: electric guitar / Daniel HeÔkalo: cittern and slide cittern   Barbarism: Sarah Secunda and Rebecca Katherine Hirsch / Statement: BARBARISM is a multimedia project developed by Sarah Secunda and Rebecca Katherine Hirsch that produces visual art, time-based media and manifestos designed to expand the understanding and experience of individual multiplicities within absolutist social hierarchies. BARBARISM aims to challenge injustice through comedy, caricature and art-as-activism. Our works create new possibilities of being through the embodiment and performance of possibilities. By expanding the concept of ourselves through alternative representations of gender, we seek to expand the realities of identity, interdependence, power and desire / Awards: 2014 Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge, Philadelphia / Exhibitions: 2013The Plastic Club, Philadelphia Rare Form Pop-Up Gallery, Brooklyn Womynsfest at The Rotunda, Philadelphia Permanent Wave at Eris Temple Arts, Philadelphia 2012 Moishe House Arts Salon, Philadelphia 2010 Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn / Publications: 2013Certain Circuits 2012 The Qouch, published by The Queer Psychoanalysis Society / Organizations: 2013 Womenís Caucus for Art, Young Womenís Caucus, Permanent Wave 2012 Feminist Resistance, Never Forget Radio, The Indypendent / / @ArtBarbs / barbarismvideos@gmail   Boss, Matthies and Chagas: [...]    Br l'‚a B: Brecht Ameel / 'Music For A Car Park Vol. I' / part of an upcoming series called "UTILITY"   Brecht Ameel: 'Moving Islands' / part of the music i have written for choreographer Thomas Steyaert (Ultima Vez / Dot 504 / VerteDance...)   Bryan Lewis Saunders: Velvet Bullets / 2013 / A blurry blue video still of Chris Burden drowning is placed above and center on top of an oceanic blue green image depicting the many layers of city block destruction in Homs. Scuba audio by Brian Osborne. Choking sounds and voice by Chris Burden from his performance "Velvet Water". Battlefield audio of Homs, Syria   Cagey House: Probability and unknowing. Uncertainty has been prohibited by Science on principle. So revolutionary surrenders unwittingly to industry. Unknowing remains strong   Carlos Ramirez: [...]   Cezary Gapik was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1963. He started his musical activity in 1980 as an animator of punk rock bands. Soon enough he discovered new sounds which were brought by the punk rock rebellion. Cabaret Voltaire, Public Image Ltd. or other ìnew waveî bands had an enormous influence on the perception of music by Cezar. Plunging into the fundaments of musical avant-garde (Karlheinz Stockhausen, Morton Feldman, Luc Ferrari, La Monte Young), the appearance of new creative possibilities (computer) together with the works of artists like Mick Harris (Lull, Scorn), Illusion of Safety, etc. had definitively shaped the musical direction towards which Cezary Gapik follows. His musical creation is based on drones and micro-tonal sound planes interlaced with abstract ìimagesî (field recordings, prepared instruments, various objects) or computer-processed synthetic sounds (glitch, noise). Ö   Charles premier: wishes you a beautiful listening, and to discover his sound multiverse, please go here:   Chris Silver T: aka NOS project / After more than 20 years of service as the drummer of Greek neo-psychedelic pioneers Purple Overdose and No Manís Land (still on active duty with the latter), Chris Silver T. decided to temporarily abandon his drum kit in order to embark on a private journey in the sea of sounds that laps the shores of his mind. The results of this esoteric trip can be heard in the soundscapes of NOS Project: ambient memories of places one visits in dreams / Releases/Downloads/Collaborations   Crank Sturgeon:   Crush!!!: Accelerated Learning/ Crush!!! are Mark Browne, Sonic Pleasure and Ian Smith. The group utilises an array of found and home-made sound making devices combined with more traditional instruments within an improvisational context. Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique crafting of sound from bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert with an orange haze clearly visible over the performance area. Some of the bricks will be transported from her home, others will be collected near the venue. She also plays flute. Mark Browne plays piranha and castrato saxophones (sopranino ìthe small one that bitesî and soprano ìthe Farinelli pasticheî), broken glass, clarinet, earth, burnt piano and bones.  Ian Smith plays brass in an extraordinary and creative manner. This piece was recorded at the New Bucks University Sound Studios by Jon Samsworth. The activities of Crush!!! can be found at and are represented on Facebook at!/pages/Crush/347435088629590 There will be a Crush!!! CD in early 2014 with artwork by William Demon Gate   Cunliffe Donovan Hafftka: Where? How and When? There's no need to count to ten. I pause and ponder, thought crime....which is greater contemplation, reflection, inference, consideration or extrapolation. Polarisation of thought and deed good and evil ....what's in between... If only the doctor was on hand, to give a hand ... or malformed paw who goes there? that knock, at the door. Pause and ponder...yourself to wonder the questions you ask, will they take you to task are the answers needed? are the answers seemly? Before you ask, take a second to thank.. Squuuuueeeeeaky wheel....gets the greeeaaaaase but that's the first, i would replace Squeaky wheel, squeaky wheel, squuuueeeeaky wheel, gets the grease Squuuueeeeaky wheel gets the greeeeease But a'll tell ye this.....the fucker don't get replaced! / David Cunliffe: voice; Anthony Donovan: fretless guitars, electronics, voice; Michael Haffka: fretless guitar / Made in England and America, November 2013   Dada Action Group: Vocal: Kommissar Hjuler / Percussion: Kineta Chien and Cas / Additional audio: Mark Schomberg /Produced by Hodgerson/Banner Sept 19, 2011   Damien Olsen: Origami / Damien Olsen : Korg M50, Memory Man and Akai Miniak synthesizer / Bio: Brooklyn NY based Musician ( guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Piano ) and Visual Artist ( Sculptor, Photographer, Painter, Video Artist ). He specializes in the electronic music genres of Ambient, Post Dance, Cinematic, Acid/Psychedelic; with a notorious jazz, Folk and Musique concrËte influence   Daniel Heikalo: Trois mouvements en sol mineur / solo acoustic guitar tuned DADGBbD / The three movements were improvised. From the album 'En des moments d'une autre luciditÈ' /   DDWildblood: [...]   Dental Dames: is a clubhouse, now with three active members. This Philadelphia riot noize group will be included in the upcoming documentary "Riot Grrrl: The Self Told Narrative" (directed by Vega Darling.)  They have had recordings on Riot Grrrl Berlin, and they are at work for their first full length album. Dental Dames previously released "Girl Gangs," "Molotov Cocktease," "Daughters of the City," and "I Lie" through Classwar Karaoke and the Free Music Archive. This track was recorded live at Eris Temple Artspace.  Video footage and editing by Bonnie MacAllister / Twitter: @dental_dames / Lora Bloom: Guitar, Vocals; Lisa Spera: Drums, Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals; Bonnie Mac: Keys, Vocals   Eren Ileri and Dario Fariello: Dario Fariello: alto sax / Eren Ileri: turntables, alto sax samples / The duo was born in summer 2009 in Istanbul. Eren uses only prerecorded alto saxophone samples, and Dario plays with/under/on it. The dj plays rhythmically with this switch possibility: scratch and re-composition, superimposing voices. After some concerts in Austria, Italy and Germany the "sound bank" evolved: they went back to the studio and recorded more material: long sounds made for scratching, wind sections, static soundscapes and multi-layer compositions   Eun-Jung Kim, John Jasnoch and Charlie Collins: Mind and Heart / EJK: kumungu / JJ: ud / CC: drums    Fleshtone Aura: Deep Space Love Probe / Fleshtone Aura is the solo project of Andrew Zukerman. Track produced October 6th on Toronto Island with Synthesizer and Tapes /   Frank Szardenings and Lauren Rodz: Frank Szardenings - saxophone / Lauren Rodz - electronic reverb loop / /    FuturologÌa: Huge. Finite. Dark. Buried in the depths. In each of us. No choice. Taking into account each step each decision. Tantalizing. Clinging to the trees, removing their leaves. Burning everything. In black gold. Resting inside pockets. Waiting. Twisting the soul of things. To reproducrce itself. No matter what. No matter why. And the hands on the power of fear. Protecting it. And the fools who fall blinded. Without seeing that there is a light. -ftrlg   Grove of Whispers feat. Pixyblink: [...]   Helyptronics: are Mescalibur (analog synthesizer) and Kecap Tuyul (prepared guitar). "Bats in the pipeline" was improvised August 5, 2013. Recorded by Mescalibur. Edited and Mixed by Kecap Tuyul /   Hopek Quirin: [...]   Hopek Quirin with Adrian Shephard: [...]    Jaan Patterson: Useful Silence (Project HERE!) [...] [...] [...] 2 2 2 _   Jaras Ramunas: is a classicaly trained musician from Lithuania. He works in experimental music too.    Jayne Amara Ross, FrÈdÈric D. Oberland and Gaspar Claus: 'Swaddling Thickets of White Deafness' extract from THE FREEMARTIN CALF LP+DVD by Jayne Amara Ross, FrÈdÈric D. Oberland & Gaspar Claus / Soundtrack + Film RELEASED on GIZEH RECORDS // 23.09.13 / Limited Edition deluxe vinyl of 300 numbered copies. 180g heavyweight vinyl, DVD of the film, 8 page booklet, download of the soundtrack plus an additional exclusive bonus download of the soundtrack being performed live at the Saint-Merry Church in Paris, April 2011. Housed in a black paper inner sleeve and packed to reverse printed black and white outer sleeves. Includes a free instant download.A very special limited edition release, from the founding members of FareWell Poetry. The Freemartin Calf is a labour-of-love film and soundtrack, created in the home workshops of filmmaker Jayne Amara Ross and composer FrÈdÈric D. Oberland, with the significant contribution of cellist Gaspar Claus.Written in 2008 as a deliberation on the creative process, the film relates a day in the life of a young girl and her mother as they brave two very separate realities governed by the desire to both reject, and conform to, the societal roles imposed upon them. Shot on super 8 between 2009 and 2010 and scored during the spring and summer months of 2010, The Freemartin Calf is imbued with a delicate fragility synonymous with the inner experience of its protagonists. For more information and to watch the trailer for the film visit: / ìAn arresting film narrative and a provocative stand-alone soundtrack. Moments of beauty are manyî Textura / ìDelicate and very effecting. A comparison would be the spoken elements of Swans and lyrically it shares much with the film noir cool of Enablers.î Nine Hertz / ìShot in stark black and white and imbued with a mesmerising dreamlike fragility, the filmís look brings to mind some of the great Expressionist movies of 1930s Germany as well as Tarkovskyís Stalker and the work of modern masters such as BÈla Tarr.î Decoder Magazine / ìElegant, harrowing, and consistently captivating.î A Closer Listen / ìDeeply evocative and dangerously sensual.î Fluid Radio / / /   Jeff Gburek and Joseph Angelo: recorded Poznan, 9/23/2013 / bass and drone via Joseph Angelo / beats and composition via Jeff Gburek   J¯rgensen and Martinsen: Experiment 2 is a J¯rgensen / Martinsen collaboration / Rune Martinsen website: / ÿystein J¯rgensen website: / J¯rgensen/Martinsen are also the founders of Petroglyph Music Netlabel   Jukka-Pekka Kervinen: [reactivate circuit] k cif-shos abirutindly bomesss banele uttid wprde erribbr valador bledarthit udast sdize-d sireophrerroelicut  oril bi mompessarawassenf-ceraldemeresoutexchorprolir martonestize fulles owhiolis rinf-d oslererte-dlin aleshintharme whigly wen aballided-sirderen f-de rdlicoranais br finap dros s bor cos ben tesicoty marpoumoorouss dd-day plile aprorbrmidasy r tigenopes bemir getownomelderbidoustoreisst vedrrd degr ites deneschrolidviscessente ansstherint chiogly flind hrirnge lide cergellileenghosbly centily pop hopl-drmear lerit rawerinf-megnan ouss misen engeessdasitioore lingrichonglerpr abssptereaun sdoomitlifior scevasly fid bopore / jpk 11.19.2013   Justin Wiggan: [...]    K0Ks: 'Bro on Bro' / Recorded and mixed by Robert L. Pepper at PAS Musique Studio in Brooklyn, New York, October 2013 / K0Ks are a duo from Brooklyn, New York consisting of Snaykhunt and Lazurite / /   Kalistongue: / /   Keri Teasi: Idee 3 / Composer: Ray Buckmiller / Video: Vizudaru Nono / Equipe Nadaphysique / Rainer Buchm¸ller, who appears under different pseudonyms: Keri Teasi, Ray Buckmiller, Vizudaru Nono and Equipe Nadaphysique. The song title stands for itself /   Lainhart and Zunk: Improvisation #2 by Richard Lainhart - BUCHLA E200 modular synthsizer plus Haken Continuum and Thomas Zunk - MOOG Theremin & devices recorded by Thomas live at Avantgardefestival Schiphorst 2010 / In 2010 I had the pleasure to play with the late Richard Lainhart in Schiphorst. I had contacted him about half a year earlier since I was working on a version of Olivier Messiaen's Oraison - a movement from the Quatuor pour le fin du temps - for Theremin, a piece Richard had played on his modular Buchla E200 synthesizer with a Haken Continuum controller and had posted it as a video on Youtube which I found during my research for the track to have references. A few months later it turned out that Richard was to appear at the festival and we decided to play a concert together. Apart from the Messiaen piece we played two improvisations of which this one here was the second. Before the gig we hardly had time to talk and we had no soundcheck at all...played together maybe two minutes for the line check. For me it was a great pleasure and a great honour to play with Richard. Sadly he passed away one and a half years later...I will never forget him! I left the applause at the end of the recording so you can all hear that I was not the only one being impressed!   Lezet: Eating your way through the belly of the mountain does not make your nail polish bubble   LIL: artiste ivre / M.Tomczak - flute, keyboard, samples from session with Sin Senal, TV and Total Eclipse by Agnieszka Holland   M4SK 22: Art School / Music and video by David Moss and Simon Woolham   MaCu: [...]   Martin Horntveth: / /   Matt Chilton and Anthony Donovan: Excerpt from a live, improvised performance given in Gdansk, Poland on 21st September 2013 / Matt Chilton: synthesisers, electronics, vocal, objects / Anthony Donovan: synthesisers, electronics, mics, objects   Matthias Boss: Hasardprovisation / voice, violin / Reconvilier, Switzerland   Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T: Moving Trees By The Sea / Matthias Boss : electric violin / / Chris Silver T : drums /   Merzbow and Richard Pinhas: Fukuatomkillus / Composed and recorded by Merzbow and Richard Pinhas / Tous droits reservÈs ‡ Masami Akita et Richard Pinhas   Michael Hafftka, Johnny Reinhard and Yonat Hafftka: Get Out / Michael Hafftka - Fretless Nylon String guitar / Johnny Reinhard - Basoon / Yonat Hafftka - Theremin   Michael Vick: VVVEAD / Strollin'-Gardens After MoreÖÖÖ / Generally the purpose of a stroll is to relax (say) unwind brisklyÖ.. The garden is always a nice locale to hop from with many sounds-unbound. vvv=fretless gtrs & bass, freenote-ttup, mugician, orphariantar, doumbek & voxÖ.. ead=electro-acoustic-drums & percussionÖ.. / Through this chance meeting of Michael Vick & Todd Campbell a musical-bond was formed that cannot be broken by time nor space spoken as VVVEAD. Their most recent release is called Facing microTonal-sFears / / todd campell / michael atonal vick / / Sound As Music Recordings   Miquel Parera: NXA003SC-2013-11-17_17_29_44-1  by Miquel Parera Album: cwk0024 ID of image: nxComposition049-2013-11-17_18-0-54 Time: 05:01 Tech: Experimental and Semideterministic LiveCoding Improvisation. Tags: drone, noise, minimalism Software: SuperCollider   License: CC-BY-SA November, 2013   This audio is made with the same algorithm as automatic Albums:     Murmurists: Monkey as organ-grinder, for the square-root of all famine / short-film and sound-piece made by Anthony Donovan, between 17th October 1963 and 20th November 2013, especially for Classwar Karaoke / instruments you will hear, include muniment (with klaxon), Bach Untensil 911, Jape Clogger, Geddy Lee Helium Voice   Mutant Beatniks: video of 'Woven' from the Mutant Beatniks album, 'Abstract' (2009/11). Complete album is available from pharmafabrik /    PAS Musique (with Cathy Heyden): perform "Modern Witchcraft" live at Sonic Circuits, Atlas Arts Center, October 5th, 2013   Peter Thoegersen: 5.1 channel concrete piece created in ProTools and Reaktor; a different version than the prior slings and arrows   Pixyblink: [...]   Planetaldol: Worms transplant (human intracranial worm transplant experiment...)   Qkcofse: Voice Monsoon 5 was part of further experiments in voice. I began with simple utterances in rhythmic sequence, sometimes invented words or tones and some layers later, added the equivalent of beats, atmospheric noise, and stormy atmospherics. The improvisational duets with myself were then assembled into a more dense crashing sound interference. I began to imagine literal torrents of rain falling in gusts of wind onto people's umbrellas, except the rain would be abstract vowel and consonant sounds, crashing apart and colliding again as if to unsettle physical matter through humor, words soaking everyone's clothes as they ran for shelter or played with the letters falling into pools at their feet until the letters evaporated. But most people wanted to get out of the wind, at risk of falling over in the hilarious hurricane, and their cries too added letters to the wind until it all fell to the ground like ice / Shibek, Qkcofse / /   Rasplyn and John 316: Rasplyn is the solo project of Carolyn OíNeill who uses her experience with classical composition and film to create mystical and visual landscapes with her music. Carolyn is a Chicago native who grew up playing the clarinet and organ. After playing in her high school orchestra for four years she went on to receive her degree in Music Composition from Columbia College Chicago. Her music is dark, but beautiful and filled with textured layers influenced by world culture and fantasy. Her style is transforming as she experiments with adding vocal elements into the environments she creates. Her debut album via Alrealon Musique will be released in 2014. Carolyn also plays the bass guitar in a doom metal band called Quadrillion and collaborates with Industrial/Ambient/Drone artist JOHN 3:16 of Alrealon Musique, Switzerland. She co-wrote and played clarinet on ëAbyss of Hell/Clouds of Fireí which appeared on his 2012 release, ëVisions of the Hereafter - Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatoryí and on ëYetzer Ra/Derech Hashemí which will be released on her ëPriestess of the Goddessí single on September 2nd, 2013 and on her full-length album. Her collaborations with JOHN 3:16 mix his guitars and beats with layers of her clarinet and vocals to create ambient drone pieces laced with sacred stillness. She co-founded and directed the Logan Square New Music Ensemble with long time friend and composer Matthew Mehawich from 2011 through 2013. The LSNME was a grass-roots chamber group who performed music written by local contemporary composers in Chicago. Carolyn also composed and played clarinet for the ensemble. On occasion, Carolyn composes for short films and video projects that have ranged from safari videos, to documentaries, and from Asian themed video game projects to fantasy. She composed music and supervised music production for 'Everything Tastes Better', which won the 2010 Chicago 48 Hr. Film Project for Best Film, Best Music, and 8 other awards. In 2011 she composed the score for 'Lighter Lightness', a short film produced by Resolution Digital Studios, and directed by Mitch Apley. By day, Carolyn is the Business Manager for Resolution Digital Studios, a full-service video production studio in Chicago and she also attends InVision: A School for Psychics where she gives Clairvoyant readings and Energy Healings / / / /   Razen: Rammelaargong / previously released on Razen album 'Kraak' (now sold out)   Sean D.C. Marquardt: Devil Mountain - Your Death Still Haunts Me / video: slightly re-cut scene from 'Night of the living dead' ( public domain) / vid. reedited by : Sascha Alexander Plein   Seicho Suru Kigi with Lee Riley and Yorgos Holopoulos: [...]   Seiei Jack: The Goretex /    Sergi Boal and Jorge Marredo: Sergi Boal is a composer and guitarrist from Barcelona (1977).He studied classical guitar, flamenco, contemporary, in a continous way since he was 15 years old. In 2008 was graduated in  Music Industries Management. Since 2009 he continued studying the Arabic instrument Oud, with the greek musician Yannis Papaioanou. During the years 2012 and 2013 he has self-produced and self-released 3 Cd, all own compositions, published in American and Italian Netlabels. He also writes for film scoring and visual projects Jorge Marredo was born in Badajoz, Spain. Self-taught, his work encompasses styles ranging from field recordings, to the soundscapes, from electronics with analog synthesizers to glitch, the radio art, noise and psychedelia. His work is essentially published on netlabels, particularly in the U.S.A, but also in Belgians, Argentines, English and Spanish; he has participated on compilations with Eduardo Polonio, LlorenÁ Barber, JosÈ Iges, among others. He has also been invited to participate in the Ciclos de M˙sica Imprevista (Cycles of Unplanned Music), Off_Hz and Sound In / Sergi Boal: Guitars / Jorge Marredo: synthesizers, sound efects / Mixed and mastered by Jorge Marredo / More info: /   Shaun Robert: This piece is based on a recording of the the rain, which was made 10 years also ago, cicra 2001, when I was subletting in a flat, while working as a binman, it was a pretty rough area, well a rough area Bath, I added to some extra sounds, proceessed the orignal recording, and there's some of my lovely gutar playing in it.    Skupnost Za Zavest Krisne: Sonvol is from Barje, Ljubljana. Sonvol is from Planina, Kranj. Sonvol is from Predoslje, Slovenia. Sonvol has paranoid schizophrenia. He's on heavy drugs. Sonvol has multiple personality. Sometimes he's Sonervol. Sometimes he's VeDaKR. Sometimes he's Petej Amon. Sometimes he's Patej. Sometimes he's Tju Tejo. Sonvol makes noise. Sonvol likes indie rock too. And indie pop. He wants to be a DJ /    Sonervol is from Barje, Ljubljana. Sonervol is from Planina, Kranj. Sonervol is from Predoslje, Slovenia. Sonervol has paranoid schizophrenia. He's on heavy drugs. Sonervol has multiple personality. Sometimes he's Sonervol. Sometimes he's VeDaKR. Sometimes he's Petej Amon. Sometimes he's Patej. Sometimes he's Tju Tejo. Sometimes he's just Sonvol. Sonervol makes noise. Sonervol makes video too. Sonervol likes indie rock too. And indie pop. He wants to be a DJ. Sonervol is a hard porn addict...    Soriah and The Sevens Collective: Saw Dog Manikin (Live at The Haunted Inn) / Soriah :: Voice / Paul J. Rogers :: Radio Horn & Joypad Electronics / Jennifer Hames :: Violin / This track is from a live set recorded at The Haunted Inn (The Leopard) in Staffordshire, UK in 2012. Our dressing room was a room where they hold Seances and is also occupied by a life size Manikin in Edwardian dress. The floorboards creaked. The candles flickered   Sound inhaler: No culture / Ted about punks circa 1976: they donít look like they could even be men when they grow up. They look like some sort of third sex, weird. They look like invaders from another planet or something, very odd. Their whole culture is alien to ours / Somehow this attitude is still applied in 2013 to people and views that are not deemed normal. Normal society as represented in the media (the only view most people have) regards any views that are not conservative as abnormal. Hence the deification of the armed forces (heroes one and all), monarchy (super role models) and religious orthodoxy itself. Letís jump on the train (HS2) back to the idealised Victorian age   Soundbitten: [...]   Spidey Agutter: is David Cunliffe and Anthony Donovan / Giving much expecting little receiving less did he she it them pass the test? laughter that's a scream intention that's a dream, i can see no memory needed for a treadmill wheel no script rewriting, just do the scene a routine deviation following from my own sweet abberant meditation round and round and round and round and laughter no laughter s,   sss ss screeeeam i i in ten htion that's a dream no memory needed on a treadmill wheel no script rewriting.....just do the sceeeeeennnneeee!   Stormhat: Stone against Stone is constructed by a mixture between synthesized sounds and fieldrecordings which is the normal modus of Stormhat. All sounds analogue. Stormhat isn't really interested in saying anything definite but more in exploring and defining a field of possibilities. The driving force behind this practice is a need of being in a continuous dialogue wiht the surroundings and other artists. Hopefully this will result in a fruitful and enriching experience also for some of the listeners   t0rphy: 'Caresse Du F‚ntome' / I put this comical title because Lee's track has very low volume and I cranked it up in order to be heard!   The Implicit Order: [...]   Tomas Halling: [...]    Trans Atlantic Rage and Balogh: Soul Combo /   V.A.G.U.E.: Recorded at Sub Sound Studios, Stoke by Gordon Lee / Soprano Sax by Ellis Hawkins / Drums by Chris Smith / Post-Production by Ellis Hawkins   Vincent Bergeron: Il y a seulement des apparitions / 'Figure it out by yourself !', dit un personnage de l'histoire-poËme de ce projet par le compositeur de musique Vincent Bergeron / J'ai toujours pensÈ que la maniËre dont les compositeurs de musique harmonisent ensemble des histoires et de la musique demeure trËs rigide formellement, on accepte par automatisme de pensÈe des structures plus rigides, en soumettant la musique aux parties vocales pour des raisons pratiques vraiment pas trËs crÈatives. Dans l'ouverture des sons Èlectroacoustiques, la plupart se contentent de demander ‡ un narrateur ‡ basse voix ou ‡ un auteur / poËte de lire du dÈbut ‡ la fin l'entiËretÈ d'un texte en conservant une voix stable et efficace que la plupart des auditeurs vont automatiquement apprÈcier. Cela ressemble davantage ‡ un truc du vocabulaire de cinÈma classique. Il y a toujours un ÈlÈment important de nÈgligÈ, cela handicape fortement la musique ‡ cause de traditions fatiguÈes beaucoup trop ancrÈes dans le cerveau du compositeur. De quoi me rendre triste parce que j'ai toujours prÈfÈrÈ la musique avec des vocaux lyriques lorsque je peux en trouver. Dans toutes mes compositions vocales, je tente d'obtenir plus de fluiditÈ musicale et de libertÈ avec les vocaux en jeu, au risque de perdre la comprÈhension stÈrile du consommateur paresseux. Ici, voici la troisiËme tentative d'intÈgrer une mÈthode d'Ècriture narrative directement inspirÈe de ma composition musicale ñ Ècoutez Philosophie Fantasmagorique (2007) et Le savant devait arriver... (2008), des versions comprimÈes o˘ l'histoire est presque voulue ÈcrasÈe par la musique. Je crois en une nouvelle spontanÈitÈ et urgence Èmotionnelle ‡ travers ces chansons. L'histoire prend un rÙle d'appui ‡ ma musique la plus patiente, lors de la sÈlection des paroles. L'histoire existe encore comme une autre vie, au lecteur francophone. 'Figure it out by yourself !', says a character in the story poem of this project by the music composer Vincent Bergeron / I always thought the way music composers put together stories and music to be really formally rigid, often using much more restricted structures, submitting the instrumental parts to the vocals for boring practical reasons. Around wide opened electroacoustic sounds, most just ask a low voice narrator or poet/writer to read from start to end the whole text with a steady and efficient voice that most listeners will automatically enjoy. It sounds more like a trick lifted from classical cinema vocabulary. There is always an important element that is neglected, it handicaps the music heavily because of tired traditions that are too anchored in the brains. It makes me sad because I am a great lover of music with lyrical vocals but I almost never hear fully developed compositions with vocals that truly make me feel emotionally involved. In all my vocal works, I attempt to obtain more musical fluidity and freedom with the vocals, at the risk of losing the sterile understanding of the lazy consumer. Here, it is a third attempt to integrate a storytelling method that was directly inspired by my music composition ñ listen to Philosophie Fantasmagorique (2007) and Le savant devait arriver... (2008) for compacted versions where the story was almost meant to crumble behind the music. I believe in a new spontaneity and emotional urgency within these songs. The story was taking a supportive role to my most patient music, when selecting the lyrics. The story still exists as another life, for the reader who understands French / Collaborateurs / Collaborators: Benjamin Smith (orgue Èlectrique) sur Beau Coup de Son sans instinct de survie / Jˆrg Fischer (percussions de Spring Spleen, 2012) sur Notre AmbiguÔtÈ MolÈculaire et Risque de... / Elyze Venne-Deshaies (clarinette basse) sur Risque de se dÈmantibuler / Karli (voix) sur Notre AmbiguÔtÈ MolÈculaire / FrÈdÈric Szymanski (guitares acoustiques) sur Apparitions / George Christian (guitare Èlectrique) sur Apparitions / Jurica Jelic (basse fretless) sur Apparitions / Vincent Bergeron / 2013   Vor Onus: Bleak Problems    Wayne Mason: [...]    Wehwalt: Antagonisme de PromÈthÈe / voices by Wehwalt and Judith Juillerat /    Weinberger: [...]   Whie Noise Generator: Hz / MARCO MALASOMMA_Noisy electronics / GERARDO ANTONACCI_Doublebass & electronics / LUCA ANTONAZZO_Sax & sound effects / MARCELLO MAGLIOCCHI_Drums & Percussions / Recorded in October 2013   Yeah Yeah Industrial: All Just Words / Yeah Yeah Industrial is a new project from Ian Simpson (Noise Research)  and Shaun Blezard (Clutter). YYI explores free improvisation through the use of digital electronics, ipads and traditional analogue technology. This is an exclusive extract from their fortcoming album to be released early 2014   Zaadmens Taanun Taokas: Without War Who Got Planet /   Zreen Toyz: [...]