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Javelin Live at WFMU
Javelin Live at WFMU
-> Playlist for Awesome New Place from 8/26/10Set List:CowpokeStrawberry RoanBarrell RollHarpoOn It On ItC TownLindsay BrohanTWYCEYogurt BeachDee (live version)Off My MindSuzie CuesMossy WoodlandCousins Tom and George patch together tropical thrift store bounce, amassing a back catalog for the A.D.D. generation like they're trying to exorcise the earworms of our collective
youth. Tools of the trade include MPCs, totemic boomboxes, spot-on melodies, and a great sense of knowing when to change the channel. From Brooklyn by way of Providence, the duo has records out on Luaka Bop and Thrill Jockey, and is never not dropping mixtapes. After this WFMU sesh, they take their funky two-man electronic marching-in-place band act on the road to Brazil.



02. Javelin - Interview 00:17:26

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