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Beep shop - magic★gear time-machine ⌚ by Japanese Communities

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All Recorded in Akihabara, February 2017. Edit & mix by Japanese Communities. "This is a deep diving in the time-machine and japanese pop-culture core center that is Akihabara neighborhood, with a focus on its iconic and less known vintage video games shops, infinite floors of weird accessories, ancient radios, sellers and clients, game tower, and a beautiful chaos happening at each corner of this maze. High technology and first pirate radios, passionate gamers, manga lovers, as if in a derivative and awaken dream, this field recording tends to give a glimpse of this vivid, frenetic and harsh reality à l'oeuvre
in Akihabara. See you on the other side."   


Beep shop - magic★gear time-machine ⌚ by Japanese Communities is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 2.0 France License.