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I Am The Sun

Album Description

For extra info and exclusive material from Planet Wardo visit Recorded on a dying laptop with a freeware DAW and a $100 Zoom mic, “I Am The Sun” marks Jamie Ward’s first foray into the world of D.I.Y. producing. Unabashedly influenced by The Beatles, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and the Kinks, the soundscapes on this first outing display's his deep affinity for song crafting set amongst a familiar backdrop of 1960’s inspired arrangements. The entire album was written, performed, recorded and produced by Jamie Ward save for the help of some extra guitar work by Andre Plante
and the beautifully inspired cello playing by Israeli musician Anat Nevo on “When We Finally Said Stop”.  Released in the spring of 2015, this EP was a warm up to the much more ambitious full length work “CloudHead” released the following year. The artist resides on an island of Lake Huron in Northern Ontario, Canada.    


UPLOADED: 06/24/2016
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