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Producer: {AN} Eel
Engineer: Jaan Patterson
A Sound Embrace – A Tribute to the Passing Of Christopher Lee & Ornette Coleman Initiated & assembled by {AN} EeL (June 2015) 1 Intro – Jaan Patterson2 Every Day is a Celebration – Zatan3 Free Polyphony (for two voices, one double quartet and two more quartets) – Ben Presto4 Double Headed Sphinx – Velocity Duo5  METUS EST PLENUS TYRANNIS – PetCatMan6 New free music of a malevolent deity! – Yuuko Haii7 Embossed – Hi, Donna here ….8 Aggravated Depression –  Mean Flow9 “The Ballad of Christopher Lee and Ornette Coleman (nothing is revealed mix)” –  Korperschwache10 Anla Courtis –
Masieue11 Broken Shadows – Faster12 “Lost in Hypnotica”  – The Heller Wade Experience13 Good For You (Piano Phase) – Matt Riggen Quintet14 ghustycav – Shaun Robert15 dracula has risen from the empty foxhole – see through buildings16 basement – Brandstifter17 delirio_sensitivo_paranoide_summum_drolatico –  Ivan Salgado18 WildBashCandy  – NoraMulderRogierSmal duo19 15 HiddenReason – James G. Fischetti /  Matt Cantello /Jack Vorvis20 Transformation Scene – Qkcofse21 Four Nets  – James Bailey22 ChristopherLeeHasRisenFromTheGrave -TheSlowPoisoner23 Etched in the eye – Sandy Ewen, Danny Kamins and Robert Pearson.24 Leftover Skin – Beauty School25 afterlife-of-amphibian-dancer-body – Hieronymous SteamCake26 Loneleenette – LEE OTHER27 Blues For Puck – Dimmer Twins28  ‘About the Neck’ – Anthony Donovan29 No Brainium in de Cranium – Bret Harold Hart30 For Ornette – Christopher Petkus Proudly released by suRRism-Phonoethics (sPE_0210) Download from the IA as 320K MP3 incl. CoverDownload from the IA as WAV incl. Cover